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Japanese mother rushes to save child amid radiation fears


Risa Yamamoto, her husband and their 10-day-old baby were in the earthquake zone at the time of the disaster, but survived.

They fled from Sendai, and now they are heading to Tokyo.

Risa Yamamoto told RT that she was in hospital when the quake struck.

"I was in a hospital, going through check-up procedure to get prescription. I was planning to visit my mother, but suddenly I felt the ground shaking, and I saw bookshelves with files started shaking leaning from side to side, the pictures started falling from the walls. I was frightened, I rolled into a ball and tried to hide. I saw people running in panic and trying to find shelter. It was scary."

"The only thing I thought of was ‘I have to save my baby’."

She says the situation in Sendai remains critical.

"At the moment the living conditions are insufficient in Sendai – there’s not electricity, the telephone connection is very poor. I have a baby I have to take care of, it needs daily care. I had to leave friends and relatives, but they are alright."


37° 54' 57.9996" N, 139° 2' 11.0004" E