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Libya could fall apart if civil war intensifies – ex-diplomat


The bloodshed in the North Africa continues, as the Libyan army is once again reported to have fired live rounds at protesters in Tripoli.

Forces loyal to long-time leader, Colonel Gaddafi, are said to have lost control over most of the country's territory - and some fear it could descend into complete chaos.

Former US ambassador to Libya said there is a not question now of whether Islamists will be in control in Libya, but rather who will oppose them.

“Gaddafi has made sure there is no other power source, the army is not powerful, the army is not a force for stability, there is a very small middle class, very fewer educated people than in Egypt. So we are looking at a prospect of other chaos in Libya that we seen in Tunisia and in Egypt. And that’s a very fearful thing,” Graham said.

He warned of a possible break down of the country if the unrest continues.

“If it continues to get worse and worse and the civil war erupts, and not just a few thousands but tens of thousands of people are killed then we are looking at a complete disintegration of the country.”

Journalist Ian Birrell, a former deputy editor of The Independent newspaper, thinks that the armies of Libya's neighbors could intervene to oust Gaddafi.

He said, as there is a little army in Libya, “it’s possible to be very swift incursion to get rid of Gaddafi”.

“There is a possibility that the Egyptian army will be seen as a very, very friendly force to come and do such a job,” Birrell added.


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