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Libyan foreign minister warns of al-Qaeda threat


The violence in Libya has reached a grim milestone - more than a thousand are thought to have died in the fighting between rebels and government forces.

Pro-Gaddafi troops have reportedly retaken the strategic city of Zawiyah, 50 kilometres west of the capital.

Gaddafi has accused European governments and al-Qaeda of inciting Libyan young people to revolt.

Mussa Kussa, Libya’s Foreign Minister, says al-Qaeda terrorists are trying to destabilize the country.

“Everything is possible if al-Qaeda continues carrying out their subversive activities. Al-Qaeda people have already showed what they are capable of in Afghanistan, Iraq and other regions. If they continue those actions - but we hope for the opposite, of course, and are doing our best to put an end to it - then the chaos will most likely grow intense. The situation will be the same as it is in Somalia.”


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